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Safe and effective appetite suppressants

Medically monitored prescription medication

Stop hunger, cravings, night eating; more energy  

Lose 5-10 pounds this week

Lose 20 pounds this month

Bill Nagler, M.D.

Diplomate American Board of Obesity Medicine

Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology

Detroit's oldest and most successful weight loss program

How does Doctor Nagler's Diet Results work? – You take strong, safe, prescription appetite suppressant medication. You come to the office when you can for a free Injection.  Your free Injection helps you burn fat faster by limiting fat storage, curbing your sweet and starch cravings by lowering your insulin level, and boosts your energy.  You follow my special diet. You melt.

How often do I come to the office? - Most patients come to the office for their free Injection 2-3 days a week.  If you’re in a real hurry to lose weight, come for your free Injection 6 days a week, Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 9-1.

How much weight do I lose? - Count on losing about half a pound per Injection.  Most patients lose 5-15 pounds their first week and 4-5 pounds every week.  My record weight loss is 40 pounds in one week.  If you are in a hurry to lose weight, additional prescription medication can help you lose weight even faster.

What diet do I follow? - Start on Formula. Stay on Formula as long as you can, anywhere from 2-3 days to a month.  Then do Bars or Cookies.  Then do Combo or Freestyle.  Then do my Meat Diet.  Then do my 500 Diet.  Any time you’re not hungry, skip a meal, or have 2 Formula or 2 Bars or 2 Cookies instead of eating.

You must drink at least one gallon (128 ounces) of water or non-caloric fluid every day.  You need this much fluid to flush out the fat you are burning to feel good on my program.  Water is healthiest, and you'll feel best if you drink water - but coffee, tea, diet soda, Diet Snapple and Crystal Lite are all fine instead of water.  No juice, milk, sugared soda or coffee creamer.  Put Vanilla Formula in coffee to make it white.

Ketosis - After 3 days, you will be in ketosis, a heightened fat-burning state.  Check your ketones by urinating on a Ketostick, available in the front office.  Ketosticks should always be trace, small or moderate, never large.  If you are in large ketosis, you are dehydrated, and you must drink more water immediately.  No sugarless gum or sugarless breath mints until you are in ketosis.  

Injections really do help you feel better and do better on the program.   You'll do best getting a free Injection every day, but 2-3 Injections a week work perfectly for most patients on the program.

I appreciate your trust, confidence and referrals. Get a FREE $65 INJECTION the week of your birthday.  Get a FREE $150 INJECTION when you refer a friend.  Thank you for referring your friends!

Enrollment is $199 (your first week is FREE), and then $65 a week

Call NOW for an appointment - 734-422-8040


   Doctor Nagler's Injection Program
  • Take strong, safe, prescription appetite suppressant medication.

  • Come to the office 6 days a week for a FREE Injection.

    Bill Nagler, M.D.
    Diplomate, American Board of Obesity Medicine
    Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Call 734-422-8040 and start losing weight today!


Controlled Appetite Suppressants - Phentermine, Phendimetrazine, Diethylpropion, Benzephetamine

Prescription Medication for Weight Loss - Topemax, Zonegran, Wellbutrin

Prescription Injections for Weight Loss - Victoza, Saxenda, Trulicity, Symlin, Byetta, Bydureon

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Bill Nagler, M.D.
Diplomate American Board of Bariatric Medicine
Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

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